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Sesh Cast

Jun 7, 2018

Welcome to Sesh Cast, a cannabis podcast for cannabis sessions. Today we talk about sentimental value!


This episode may be one of the greatest examples of a conversation that starts in one, relatively normal place, and ends in a completely different, much much stoney-er place, so strap in friends! We'll talk about everything from sentimental value, to attachment to inanimate objects, to compromise and debate in the 21st century. I told you it took a turn. How deep does your sentimental attachment go? Not only to your cherished belongings, but to your core beliefs and values? Have you ever considered a positive memory or experience may be the reason that you think, act or feel the way you do? I hope to raise that question and challenge anyone trying to change someone else's mind to consider the underlying sentiment behind a belief system.

Strain of choice this week is my first ever cut of Jack Herer and I am absolutely loving it! Today I used my Monster glass spoon, the pipe behind the first episode of Sesh Cast.

This episode also talks a little bit about the coming weeks here in Sesh Cast land. I've got a very awesome interview to publish next week which I'm very much looking forward to sharing with you! I'll also be out of town and on a full t-break for the next week or so, which will be an interesting ride indeed. Episode 25 will be the second morning sesh, and will be my first time smoking in seven days, so mark that on your calendars! 


Cheers always friends!