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Sesh Cast

Aug 23, 2018

Welcome to Sesh Cast, a cannabis podcast for cannabis sessions. Today we talk about Hempfest 2018!


Well friends I'm back to reality after an incredible weekend across the country in Seattle! I had an amazing time, met some amazing people, and came home with some amazing scoops! This episode chronicles a bit of my experience by talking through the folks I met and the products I put my hands on. Below is a gigantic link dump of all of those things. I hope you find something you like and/or something helpful for you!

Cheers always!



People I met:

Steve Cominski of Baked and Awake

Joya, Mac, Arend and Tim of

Tom Heller of Cannabinder

Doreen Sullivan of My Bud Vase

Natalie Thomas of Peacock Design, LLC.

Ryan Henry Ward of Henry_Beyond_Museums (ig)


Folks I bought things from:

Rad Brad Glass

Glow Pipes

Peacock Design, LLC.

My Bud Vase

Mini Nail

Ryan Henry Ward(website)


Other cool folks I bumped in to this weekend:

Kashmir Papers

Curved Papers


Dig-N-Dab (Email at

Speed of Light Glass

Joe Nutts Glass

Richard and Katy's Glassworks

Glass Kraken

Noble Glass


Canna Hemp


Unloq The Truth

Sativa Valley Essentials

Dave Ryan Pop Art

Sutra Vape

420 Expressions


Poutine Your Mouth

Cannabis City


Random things I experienced around Seattle:


Seattle Bouldering Project

Robot vs Sloth

Sub Pop

Molly Moon's

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop


Chihuly Garden and Glass

Space Needle

Seattle Aquarium


Random rabbit holes I found the entrance to but have yet to dive down. You've been warned:

The Bohemian Rap CD

The Urantia Book