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Sesh Cast

Feb 14, 2019

Welcome to Sesh Cast, a cannabis podcast for cannabis sessions. Today we talk about help.


Well friends it finally happened. After 57 weeks of never missing an upload, I missed a week. Unfortunately, the episode I uploaded last week never posted and got lost to cyber space. I'm taking the fact that I didn't notice this as a testament to how overwhelmed and burned out I've been. I decided to upload the episode this week on it's own as opposed to doing a double upload. I'm going to take this little blunder as a sign to slow down, so I'll be dropping the show down to every other week. Hopefully this will give me the ability to put some more time and effort in to the content that I'm putting out! 

All that being said, I think it's funny that this was the episode that never got uploaded. Here's a podcast of me talking about asking for help. It's something that I'm relearning how to do and something that has been incredibly beneficial to my mental health. Asking for help has been totally demonized by our society, when in reality it's a healthy thing to do. Anyway, here are my thoughts on all that!


Cheers always friends, I'll talk to you in two weeks!